Do You Want To Be Successful & Wealthy? The Right Attitude is All You Need!


 Do You Want To Be Successful & Wealthy? The Right Attitude is All You Need!

We all want to live a life of success and wealth. So, what are the pieces to the puzzle? Well, it starts with educating ourselves about how we can make our dream a reality. Most people would say that money is one of those pieces - and they wouldn’t be wrong - but you need to know if you actually have what it takes to be successful before you start looking for ways to make money.

This article will take a look at the other side of the coin: The right attitude is ALL that's needed. It takes more than just good intentions in order for something big and meaningful happen in your life; "having" or "doing" alone will not get you there.

How do you break old habits and build new ones if the only time you get up on the morning is to go to a job, put on your uniform and go to work? You don’t commit to being a better person. You don’t commit to improving your life because you're not committed; it's just a way of getting by.

You start by changing your attitude – it’s all about how you approach things; what's important is what YOU are willing to do. If you want something, start with summoning the right attitude towards that thing.

The reason why most people find it hard to become successful is because they're always being pulled up by the spirit of mediocrity. The same force that brings them down also keeps them around where they are. It’s hardly surprising that those who want to be wealthy find themselves drowning in mediocrity!

In an article on Going Beyond Sustainability, I discussed how attitudes can either take you beyond the status quo or keep you stuck. Many people get caught in a rut and then blame other factors like; "I don't have money. I've studied hard and passed the exams so I deserve my salary, then I'll get a better job" or "I haven't got a good enough job to attract the right people because they think they're better than me" or, “I don't have enough money to make all my dreams come true.

If your attitude is right: You will find success and prosperity as a matter of fact; but if your attitude is wrong: You will find yourself failing and frustrated every day. How do you spot the difference? It's easy! Observe others... If you find that they are constantly complaining and finding fault with things, chances are they have wrong attitudes. If you find that others always seem to be in a hurry, it’s because they expect everything to happen at once. If you find that someone always seems to be in a hurry, it might be because of the wrong attitudes:

If your attitude is right: You will enjoy the journey of self discovery more than anything else and learn from your mistakes without feeling guilty. You will appreciate what you have more than what you don’t have. In short, you will wake up every morning and say, "Great Day!"

If your attitude is wrong: You will always be in a hurry. And you will never be able to see the "big picture". You are not in control of your life; other people are doing your thinking for you. And if something happens that doesn’t fit into what you were expecting, then it was a total waste of time and energy! How much do you really care about what's going on in this world? Do you even care?

You have to develop the right attitudes of responsibility and maturity; not just so that others respect you more but because it forces you to look at things differently. It also helps you to learn and grow as a person:

If your attitude is right: You will have more self-confidence. You will have a greater desire to make things happen in your life, rather than just thinking about it. It’s not just the “doing” that matters but what you’re willing to do to get there.

If your attitude is wrong: You will be easily defeated by mediocrity. You will have a hard time seeing the big picture and staying committed to your goals. You won't know who to trust or where to turn for help. Without this trust, you will be too paranoid to even think about success and wealth.

Attitude is Everything! There is a growing realization in society that the world belongs to those who take control of their lives; not just financially but also spiritually and mentally. These are people who are not afraid of change - they embrace it... These are people who are willing to rise up against the pressures of work (or life), test their strengths, discover their weaknesses and learn new skills until they're ready to move on again.

It's not very difficult to see which way to go out of the box when you know what you're capable of. Most of the time, people decide what they want based on their circumstances rather than a strong desire to achieve it. It’s all about attitude. But, who are these people? Do you know them? How do they feel? You'll never discover who they are if you're always being pulled down by other people or dragged along by something else.

If your attitude is right: You will do whatever it takes to get there; even if it means lying, cheating or stealing! You'll make all the sacrifices necessary to get where you want to go and more importantly... to get where you want to be.

If your attitude is wrong: You'll sit around and whine about how bad you have it. You'll find fault with people and things, blaming them for everything wrong with your life. You won't do anything to improve yourself because it's too difficult or complicated... It’s much easier to complain and blame others for not being able to help you!

Chapter 2: Not Getting What You Want, Is NOT All Bad...

The way we handle our problems determines how well we will handle our future.

Conclusion: The only thing worse than getting what you don’t want is not getting what you do want!

By now, it should be apparent that your attitudes and the way that you deal with problems can have a dramatic effect on your future. If you're willing to sit around and complain about how bad things are, then life itself is going to be hard! It doesn't matter if there are other people to blame for your situation - it's up to YOU to find a solution! In fact, your situation will always be exactly what you make it out to be... You just have to face reality and take charge of your own life before someone else decides how it's supposed to be lived.

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