Do Not Overlook the Marketing Power of Craigs List


 Do Not Overlook the Marketing Power of Craigs List

Do you have a product or service that is ready to be marketed?

Are you struggling to know how to market your business in this digital and increasingly fast-paced world?

Craigs List is one of the smartest and most efficient places for your company to advertise. With lots of potential buyers, it can be tough for small businesses. Here are the top reasons why companies should not overlook advertising on sites like Craigs List:

1. Targeting Your Audience: By targeting your audience, you can find out exactly who’s looking for what and when they're looking for it.
2. No Cost: Unlike other advertising platforms, Craigs List is free.
3. Easy to Use: It's easy to post a listing, leave a message and respond to inquiries from other business listings. There isn't any software or marketing expertise required for posting a listing on Craigs List.
4. Low Cost: Unlike some of the more complex online marketing strategies, posting a Craig's List ad won't cost you startup cash directly out of the start-up pocketbook. That's right - you can get started without paying any fees at all!
5. Creates a Personal Connection: Craigs List helps business owners connect with their customers directly and build relationships in an authentic way.
6. Increased Sales and Leads: By being visible in the Craig's List local listings, your business can have an increased number of new customers and boasts more leads.
7. Builds Trust: Craigs List is one of the most credible places to advertise because it is community oriented, user-submitted platform that allows people to see real reviews from others who have used the products or services you offer before making a purchasing decision. By providing value to your customers, you'll build trust over time. This means more customers and recurring sales for you!
8. Real Talk: Craigs List is an amazing platform for small businesses to get the word out about their business. The more you post, the more you're seen. The more your posted ads are viewed, the more people will know about your company!
9. Reputation: Craigs List is the ultimate place where customers and potential buyers go to find what they need, when they need it. You don't want to start your business on a bad reputation with others in your local community.
10. Profitable: Posting ads on Craigs List is a great way to get potential customers interested in your products or services and retain current customers by creating new ones.
11. Targeted Listings: Craigs List's listings display what businesses have to offer in terms of products or services. You can browse through all of the posts and get a good idea as to what kind of business you'd like to start up!
12. Monetization: Unlike most other free advertising sites, Craigs List allows businesses to generate revenue by selling a minimum amount of ads which is 5% of their monthly sales volume – which means more money for you from each listing!
13. Free: No matter how old you are, how wealthy or rich you are, if you have any easy way to make money without having to spend it then Craigs List is for you!
14. Mobile Accessibility: Like the internet itself, Craigs List is accessible from anywhere at any time via the internet. With Craigs List mobile application, you can post ads to your local area right from your phone.
15. One-Stop Shop: Craigs List is an online advertising platform for businesses of all types and sizes to market their products and services to potential customers in their local area. Companies that use Craigs List include roofers, plumbers, painters, carpenters, contractors and more!
16. Reach a Global Audience: People from different parts of the world use Craigs List to find what they need within their community. Because more and more people are using Craigs List to find services, products and jobs, it is a great way to reach a global audience!
17. Listings Are User-Driven: This means that potential customers can post comments about your business or check reviews that were left by other users. To keep your business safe, remember to maintain good rapport with your customers and leave accurate reviews about your products or services.
18. Not Just for Business: Craigs List isn't just for businesses; you can search for jobs as well! If you want to find work in the community you live in, Craigs List is the place for you to go!
19. Enjoys an International Audience: Craigs List is used by people all over the world. Parts of the United States, Europe and Asia use Craigs List to look for services and products they need. Whether your business is local or international, Craigs List can help you reach a global audience!
20. Ad Supported: You’ll enjoy a valuable, targeted audience that is interested in your products and services. Pay per click ads are only available to businesses who have reached a certain sales volume so you shouldn't pay to post ads on Craigs List if you haven't yet made a profit!
21. It's Free: Craigs List is a free resource for individuals and businesses! There are no fees to start your account and you won't have to pay to list more than one ad!
22. Convenience: Craigs List allows you post your ads at any time of the day or night. You can work around your current schedule so you can get more done.
23. Public Information: You will be able to provide as much information as possible about your business, while still protecting sensitive data. This lets potential customers know what your business is all about before they contact you by phone or email.
24. Direct Contact: By posting your ads on Craigs List, you'll reach a targeted audience of people who are looking for what you have to offer. You can reach them directly by using email, SMS and phone to further grow your business!
25. Receive Feedback: When customers leave reviews about your services or products, they'll receive a response with their review. You can then provide the customer with an incentive or reward for sharing their thoughts with you and the rest of the Craigs List community!
26. Save Time: Posting ads on Craigs List will help you find new customers quickly and easily. With this one-stop resource, it's easy to list new services or products and reach potential customers in minutes!

Craigs List is a business and employment engine. It is the first place most people look for jobs, products and services in their local communities. If you are interested in adding employment or starting a business, Craigs List can help you do that too!
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