9 Ways to Increase Web Traffic


 9 Ways to Increase Web Traffic

Everyone knows that the web is packed with information and content. There are a lot of people online, in fact, more than you can count on one hand. But what if you want to increase your web traffic? These strategies provide methods that are both easy to implement and effective at boosting traffic through your site or blog. Want more visitors and users? Check out the list below!

Method 1: Use social media 

Social media is a collection of sites that enable users to share their thoughts and experiences with others through blogs, profiles, groups, feeds, photos and videos. It's all about connecting people from all walks of life in new ways for conversation purposes - whether it be for business or pleasure. There are many ways to use social media to increase web traffic, including utilizing Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and forums. Twitter is a wildly popular social site that allows users to post short messages of 140 characters or less. Try posting blog updates or links to your content through twitter. Post the link, include a brief analysis of the subject and tweet it out for other people to view. If it's appropriate, you can also tweet your blog at local businesses in your area. If they like what you're writing about, they'll retweet it to their followers which will increase your traffic. YouTube allows users to upload video content for other people to view - be that skateboarding tricks, tutorials or anything else. You can create a channel on YouTube and upload videos of your own so that other people can look at them. Similar to Twitter, simply include links in the description if you want people to see something new. Facebook is another popular social site that allows users to share photographs, personal information and blog updates with friends and family through private messaging or wall posts. You can even publish your blog to your Facebook profile so others can see what you're up to. You should then share the link on other social media sites, such as Twitter and YouTube, and retweet or post in Facebook groups if desired. These are just a few ways to increase traffic on the web through social media websites.

Method 2: Compete for keywords

Competition is fierce when it comes to many search engines, so some may take advantage of this and try to beat competitors by buying more keywords that help more people find their websites. However, there are other ways of increasing web traffic besides spending money on keyword research and competition analysis software - specifically promoting content that is high-quality and informative. Make sure to include a keyword in your blog title, website address and page title. This is of course provided that the content is relevant to the keyword. Don't just use keywords to draw views - make sure you have something worthwhile to say, like the article you're reading!

Method 3: Do guest posts 
Doing guest posts or articles on other blogs is a great way to advertise your own blog. After creating an article for another blog, and giving them credit for a link at the end of your post, you now have an opportunity to get a link back to your own site/blog. This is all about mutual backlinks, so, you should also be looking for websites that allow you to submit your own articles. Do a search to find blogs in your niche and contact the webmaster with a few samples of your writing, along with the URL where you'd like the link to go. Even if they say no, you'll get good practice writing for other sites and learn what kind of articles work best for them. Just make sure when doing guest posts that the content is relevant and on-topic!

Method 4: Build a forum
Forums can be an excellent way to increase web traffic if done right. Forums are essentially online message boards in which users can discuss a specific topic or interest with other people on a website. It's very similar to Facebook, but doesn't have personal information. Forums are commonly used for reviews and discussions about hobbies, politics, pop culture and more - essentially anything you can think of! You can start your own forum on any website of your choice and ask users to help you build it up. Just make sure the forum is relevant to the website and not too controversial. This can be a tough thing to do, but it's definitely worth the effort. Once you're comfortable with the forum, try and get some users to join and help out!

Method 5: Blog attractive headlines
Your headline is the first thing that people will notice when they land on your site. Your headline gives your web visitors a clear idea of what your blog is all about - if it's enticing enough, they might want to click on it. Your headline may also come across as spammy and unappealing, which will turn away many potential readers right away.

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