7 Ways to Grow Flowers


 7 Ways to Grow Flowers

With the Earth day around the corner, we will soon be observing the 33rd annual Earth day. Now that you know when Earth day is coming, it is time to prepare for many plants to start growing flowers. So if you have any soil or potting mix you could use, now might be a good time to get your planting done. If not, then it can wait until next week because these seven ways are very easy and quick ways to get started with your flower garden.

7 Ways To Grow Flowers:

1) Sharp knife  - Cutting down a few branches from an existing plant will allow new shoots of growth from below ground level so you can start from scratch without needing much space or soil.
2) Cut the plant - Chopping down a plant and leaving a piece with the root attached will promote the new growth, but if you like, you can also cut off some of the leaves for even more growth.
3) Roll a knot - Rolling a knot in soil or potting mix will allow it to grow roots and get food from nutrients.
4) Place in water - Planting a flower in water is also good for getting nutrients from the soil so long as it doesn't drown. Just make sure your water container is big enough to hold all that new roots and leaves can come from.

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