5 Home Business Solutions for the Homemaker


 5 Home Business Solutions for the Homemaker

The word "homemaker" can conjure up images of a woman who has never worked and spends her days caring for the children, cooking, and doing laundry.

However, the homemaker of today is NOT your mother or grandmother. They may have contributed to society at large in various ways by providing food or healthcare to those deprived, but their primary role has been taken over by modern technology.
For women like you who don't want to stop working or struggle with balancing home and work life...This document lists 5 Home Business Solutions for the Homemaker - find one that might suit your lifestyle!

If you've been stuck in the workplace for too long and are looking for more freedom...

If you're a stay-at-home wife with a desire to start your own business without leaving the home...

If you've thought about working from home from time to time...

We'll show you the best ways to start earning an income while keeping your kids, family, and home in check. Let's get started!

First we'll discuss the most traditional homemaker… The Stay-at-Home Mom (SAHM)

1. Being a Stay-at-Home Mom (SAHM) is the most traditional way of being a homemaker.   There are thousands of SAHMs who have created their own businesses at home while taking care of their families.   
Some make homemade soap, some craft, some sell their scrapbooking projects, etc.
2. There's a big difference between a SAHM and a stay-at-home mom who runs her own business.  The SAHM has one focus: Their family! But the home-based entrepreneur must work on many things like marketing, bookkeeping, customer service and product production.
3. The best part of being a SAHM is that it's an extremely flexible way to earn an income and spend time with your children (or not). It can take several forms:
A) You can set up your own business but only put in as much time as you want to earn an income.
B) You can make it your "job" to take care of the house and kids while you partner with a business-minded person who handles the sales and marketing. This is common when one spouse has a regular 9-5 job.
C) You can set up a part-time home business so you only work at it during nap time or in the evenings.   
4. The hardest part of being a SAHM is there are thousands of other homemakers just like you who have decided they want to stay home with their kids and earn money doing so...so you have to fight for your marketing and sales efforts.
5. The best part of being a SAHM is that many times women who stay at home with their kids will find that they make more money as a SAHM than they would as a full-time job!
6. If you're wondering why there is such a huge shift in the pay gap between men and women, this area is one of the big culprits. Many women see working or earning an income as "not being very feminine" and are willing to take less pay because they don't want to be "known" as money hungry. This is NOT good! It's better to demonstrate that you're a hard worker in any form and make a living through your passion, rather than taking the easy way out.
7. Another reason why women tend to earn less money is because they can't "promote" their own income like men can.  They usually carry the burden of marketing, advertising and product sales on themselves because they can't afford an outside agent or agency! They will take whatever job that comes along and leave it up to somebody else to do the work for them. In fact, many homemakers are too afraid to ask for more pay because they don't want anyone pointing out that this is not "feminine" behavior (i.e. money-oriented).
8. If you're a SAHM, you have to remember that your time is extremely valuable.  And the more work you do in the business, the more money you can make on top of what your husband earns!  So don't settle for less by letting others do the work for you or asking for a lower rate because of your gender.
9. The ultimate professional home business will have some type of ecommerce website where customers can find and buy your products and services.   This gives SAHMs credibility and allows them to get their products out there without having to go door to door or sell from house to house.
10. If you have a question of whether you can make money just by selling your homegrown products in your ecommerce store...the answer is yes! There are plenty of SAHMs who have made a full-time living off of their ecommerce store and they never have to leave the house again.
11. If you're interested in becoming a SAHM, start by building an audience and using social media to promote yourself to others in the same industry or niche as yourself!
12. Read our free report on how to start your own online business here and get your free "Homemaker's Secret Weapon" here !  
13. The ultimate goal is to find a way to make your ecommerce store profitable and self-sufficient so you never have to work for another boss again!
14. So now that you know about the traditional stay-at-home mom, let's talk about some other options that are becoming more common:
a. The Online Entrepreneur – this is a person who works from home AND has regular hours or days assigned to work.    They work on the business part of their day job while keeping the family and home in check, then they focus on the extra income part of their life at night or on weekends. This can include tasks like managing social media accounts, running ads, writing eBooks, etc.   
b. The Part-Time SAHM – These people work from home on the business part of their day job, but they do not work in the evenings or on the weekend. They sell their goods or services to a brick-and-mortar store and bring in extra income to supplement their earnings from working during the day.
c. The Working SAHM – see previous sentence as well.
15. The hardest part of being a SAHM is that you have to deal with a lot of judgment, prejudice and roadblocks when it comes to earning an income doing what you love...even if that means that you'll be buying your own groceries!   

Conclusion: The public and media are really behind the idea that woman are "too emotional" and "not as smart" as men.  The truth is, many of these women see no other option but to stay home with their kids and be their husbands' support system.  They have few job offers from other companies because they do not see themselves as an asset to a potential employer.
Where Are All the Working Women? - A new study found that about half of all working women in America still choose to stay at home to raise their families...and the reason is because they feel that this is what they were meant to do: Raise a family and care for others!

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