10 Tips for Easy Fundraising with Memorial Bricks


 10 Tips for Easy Fundraising with Memorial Bricks

For the millions of students, individuals, and families who are grieving over a loved one, memorial bricks are a great way to express grief and help the ones left behind. 

Memorial bricks have been used to remember loved ones in cemeteries since 1853. They may be as simple or complex as you’d like. There is no limit to what you can do with these little touches of remembrance; simple designs like lettering or symbols can serve as a beautiful reminder of those lost. Engraved bricks have now evolved into a creative outlet for expression.

Memorial bricks are one of the most popular fundraising projects available today, because they require no effort on the part of your customers. It can be that easy !!! Customers purchase these bricks as a way to support an organization and remember loved ones at the same time. No one wants to forget those dearly departed, but it’s hard to come up with a solution that makes them happy and donates to a good cause at the same time. This is why memorial brick fundraisers are so successful.

Here are 10 tips to help you get started with memorial bricks:

1. Use a professional fundraiser. It is important to choose a reputable fundraiser to represent your program. All businesses are regulated by state officials, but not all fundraisers understand the rules and regulations that govern fundraising in your state. Choose a company that understands fundraising best practices แบรนด์เนม, like Best Fundraising Ideas (BFI). They can help you get started with memorial bricks and make sure your program is legal so you don’t compromise the integrity of your organization.

2. Choose your design. The importance of the design cannot be overstated. Choose a design that is realistic, but also appealing. If your organization wants to raise money for a specific cause, like a veteran-related program, you might want to consider selecting symbols that represent that cause as well as possible.

3. Allow customers to pre-order imprints (Optional). Many funeral homes offer memorial bricks online beforehand at discounted prices. If you offer this option, make sure to take the pre-order information down so that you can send a thank-you card after the brick is purchased. It is also a good idea to remember who ordered what online in case you need to contact them again.

4. Get permission and have an attorney review your contract (Required). Your fundraiser company should help you with this process and make sure your organization’s name, logo and cause are all in the contract as well. The contract also needs to include where the bricks will be placed; it’s best if customers know ahead of time where their memorial brick will go so that they can use it as future marketing material for their organization.

5. Place the bricks in your facilities. Make sure to remind the funeral home, cemetery or nursing home that you need these memorial bricks by a certain date so that they can be placed in time for your fundraiser’s completion.

6. Use event marketing materials to promote your memorial brick program (Optional). If you use promotional materials, like postcards or flyers, remember to let customers know where the bricks will be placed and how long they will be available for purchase.

7. Don’t forget your customers with thank-you cards (Required). Thank-you cards are required at state and federal levels when requesting personalized donations for a memorial brick fundraiser. Customers want to know their contribution is important and wanted.


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