10 Time-tested, Battle-Hardend Blog Traffic Techniques


 10 Time-tested, Battle-Hardend Blog Traffic Techniques

Is your blog struggling with traffic? Don't worry, it happens to the best of us, so don't give up just yet. If you're using one or more of these 10 time-tested and battle-hardened methods to increase blog traffic then consider yourself in good hands. However, if this is your first time using a marketing technique, then make sure you read the article and take notes because knowledge is power.

And now without further ado...

1) Go for the Free-Rides

Few things are better than free, so don't ignore it. Yes, you will attract fewer new subscribers but you will also get more signals about where your blog is dying and it's worth it. Not to mention if you do find a particular technique or web site that works well with your reader base then think of yourself as a kite being pulled by the wind. You're screaming towards it, so why not just go with the flow? What can we expect from this method? 
You'll attract those pesky people who are just curious and they'll potentially come back time and time again without having to make any effort whatsoever. All of their traffic will come automatically...the same way as with Google News.
"The truth is, Google search items sum up to millions, perhaps even billions of searches per day. For example, the top 200 query results for 'Google' included more than 11 billion search results from sites on the Internet." (1) When you look at the world in terms of numbers like that it's easy to see that Google is a powerhouse and one of its better tools for getting backlinks is by gaining a niche following on your own blog then directing these followers to relevant content on another site. (2)
A simple way to get backlinks is to use free-rides by offering other sites free product reviews or giveaways. For example, let's say you wrote a great review for a digital camera. If you have your own site then build some links using the technique (which we will discuss in a later post) and if you don't have a site, then link back to the original company website. (3)
How do free-rides affect your blog's traffic? Well, over time it will increase traffic because so many new people will visit your blog and eventually return to see what you've been up to. There are two things that you should definitely keep in mind:
1) Don't become an affiliate - Keep the reviews honest or else the user's trust in your blog is sure to dissipate.
"With millions of users searching on Google every day, it is important to research your keywords and what you are trying to accomplish before you start posting on Blogs and Forums. You do not want to be an affiliate for your blog so keep the reviews honest or else your readers will find out and leave." (4)
2) You can't expect results straightaway - You won't get a spike in traffic immediately but give it some time. Over time, people will begin trusting you and they will tell their friends about your site...just like they did when they first started with the free-ride in the first place.
Now you have some great ideas so go ahead and work these into your blog's system.

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